ARDOR's Extensive Knowledge in wall films combined with our ability to print and install graphics to the meet the highest expectations will ensure your new space will keep you and your team inspired.

Types of Films

The Wall Film Portfolio from ARDOR Printing gives design flexibility for even the most ambitious indoor/outdoor applications—with a reliable digital print performance, rapid application and three new textures for indoor applications. The textured films offer a unique canvas, crushed stone or stucco look to ordinary wall graphics.

Choices of permanent and removable adhesives support the creation of unique short- and longer-term decoration in hospitality areas, retail areas, exhibitions and more.

Stone Texture Printable Wall Film
Stucco Textured Printable Wall Film
Canvas Texture Printable Wall Film

High Quality Prints

We pride ourselves on providing high quality prints everything we do is high resolution.

Bring your space to Life

Bring your walls to life, our textured films give depth to any smooth surface.

Quick and Easy Installs

Recent Projects

Thunder Dome

ADURO Redmond, WA

This is a wall mural we installed for Aduro's new facility in Redmond, for the wall wrap we went with a canvas textured wall film from Avery Dennison new line of wall film. We color matched the film to Aduro's red that they have used for branding throughout the facility, the canvas texture of the film gets the room a new dynamic look while keeping the colors soft yet vibrant.

Below are Images of the installation and finished product.

Aduro wall wrap installation
Aduro First Wall
Aduro Both Wall Wraps
Aduro Wall Mural

Heaton Dainard Bellevue, WA

This is a wall wrap we did at the new Heaton Dainard offices in Bellevue, we did several other walls throughout their offices however this is one of the favorites. This wrap is completely seamless and all the panels were joined in the gaps between each shape, this gives the wall a cool, clean new abstract look and is complimented very well by the other dark painted walls. This was a very fun project to work on we used a satin black wrap vinyl from 3M that way when they are ready in the future the wall can be changed to something else with little to minimal damage during the removal process. 


James Company Monroe, WA

This is a wall mural we installed for James Company in Monroe, WA they needed a mural to tie their conference room together. We decided to go with a large high resolution photo of the Seattle Skyline, We also added their logo in the upper left hand corner. For this wrap we used a 3M removable wall film so they can change the graphics whenever they are ready.  

Seattle Skyline Wall Wrap
Wall Mural at James Company
Installation Process

BB's Teriyaki Grill Seattle, WA

This is a wall mural we installed for Michael who just started BB's Teriyaki in Seattle, Michael is very experienced in the restaurant business. This will be his first restaurant where they will be serving locally source healthy Teriyaki. He chose a variety of images around the Seattle area, we printed this on 3M vinyl using a HP Latex 570 printer, and laminated it in Matte over laminate to protect the graphics from fading as well as scratching during cleaning. 


Below is an image of the wall before they installed oak panels that separated each image.

Seattle Wall Mural
Finished Graphics With Trim
Information Product Mural

Coding Dojo Wall Graphics

Here is a set of wall graphics we did for Coding Dojo's new location in Bellevue, WA 

These graphics were printed on 3M material utilizing HP Latex technology, Everything was laminated in Matte finish this helps hide any textures on the walls as well as reduces glare in the office space. This was a very fun project to work on and Mark the director over at Coding Dojo is great!

Coding Dojo Wall Graphic
Printed Wall Wrap Bellevue
Coding Dojo Wall Wrap
Coding Dojo Wall Graphics
Coding Dojo Logo

Connelly Skis Wall Wrap Start to Finish

This is a wall wrap we have done recently in the Connelly Skis Conference Room. We printed the image on a 3M High-Tack Vinyl and laminated it in Matte over-laminate, we picked matte due to the lighting in the room and the texture of the wall. The graphics were printed using a Mutoh roll to roll Wideformat printer, they were high quality images so we used a print profile that gave them vibrate colors yet kept everything crisp. 


Below are some images of the install as we worked through the panels all the way to a finished product. 

Wall Wrap we did in Lynnwood WA
Before we started the install
Starting to set the first panel
Panel two set
Wall Wrap starting

TrailSide Homes Wall wrap of view on proposed building site

This is a wall wrap we have done recently in at the TrailSide Homes show room, the image you see in-between the pillars is a printed wrap of a view at one of the proposed building sites we used a gloss over laminate to give the photo a glare like you would have in a real window. 

Wall Wrap we installed in Cle Elum

ARDOR Show room Wall wrap we installed in the ARDOR Printing show room

This wall wrap we did when we first moved our printing operations from Ellensburg over to Bellevue. Its a scenic view of Lake Tahoe. We printed the graphics using a Mutoh Printer and Laminated them in a Matte Laminate, this helps reduced glare as well reduces the texture coming through from the surface of the wall.

Printed wall wrap and wall mural we installed in Seattle Bellvue Wa

Connelly Skis Entrance Wall wrap we installed at the entrance of Connelly skis 

This is a wall wrap we have done recently at Connelly Skis head quarters in Lynnwood, WA. We installed this on at the entrance. We printed this using a Mutoh printer and Laminated it using a Matte over laminate, we also wrapped around the edges of the wall so it wouldn't look like the image got cut off.

Printed Wall wrap we installed in Lynnwood Wa