My FAIL. My "First Attempt in Learning"

Creating something new is never easy but neither is recognizing your failures, I've managed and help start a few different companies one of the companies I really wanted to succeed was ARDOR Designs (this is separate from ARDOR Printing). At our peak we thought we could never fail we were young and making money hand over fist but we didn't adapt to our customer base and soon people started jumping ship.

At our peak we had over 90,000 products listed in many different market places we created partnerships with different online retailers however we never had a website of our own. Eventually some of the companies that listed our products weren't as easy to work with as before and we no longer had control of the market place where our products were being sold. Long story short we failed miserably it was probably one of my first big hits in business but I soaked it up and adjusted and went back to work.

Later on that year I had a massive fire during a move to a new facility and wasn't covered due to a change in insurance policies, I felt my life was failing apart and I was fighting the burning desire to give up (I even made plans to move away) but instead I went back to work and tried to survive the burn. With all that behind me my good friend Trevor Sleeman a very gifted designer approached me and talked about dusting off some of our old ideas and launch a new company Decal.House through many different conversations we decided to go for it! We always have a joke between us if anyone knew how many times we have double down or worked 48 hrs straight on projects while risking everything people would put us in a mental hospital hahaha. I'm very excited about this new company Decal.House that will be launching a long list of websites devoted to many different industries while creating strategic partnerships with many manufactures and brands. Game Decal ( is our first division thats about to go live. Game Decal will focus on creating user installed templated vinyl decals for game consoles. Anyways the moral of the story is never give up. Life was never created to be easy and without all the bad times you wouldn't be prepared for all the good times.

Below is some photos of some of the products that will be available on

Installation Video

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